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I give Sanibot 5 Stars plus.

I have researched for a machine to clean my equipment for months and months. all either use ozone or ultra violet light to clean. I don’t want either. then I saw, on you tube, a presentation for Sanibot. Finally, one that I may consider using. I am so happy that I did. I cleaned my equipment in the Sanibot D3x and it was wonderful. it is very easy to use – takes no time at all to complete the cleaning process. the equipment is sparkling clean. the people at Sanibot were pleasant, professional, and easy to communicate with. this is a wonderful product for anyone who needs a CPAP or BIPAP machine. mine is a Bipap and has a heated hose which is able to clean the hose, mask, and humidifier. I give Sanibot 5 Stars plus.

Benny P

Love the sani bot

Have used it several times and I love it. my sinuses are getting better and I am feeling better all the time. Great product.

Kasmira B


My husband has used the Sani-Bot I purchased for him to clean his CPAP hoses and tanks for years now. It does a great job and has held up. It’s easier and less messy than cleaning by hand.

Pamela R


I am so grateful for my SaniBot. It stopped various problems in their track. I feel so much better, all the time. I’m in Engineering, and the Build Quality is SUPERB. It is easy to use. CAN’T RECOMMEND SANIBOT ENOUGH!! GREAT JOB GUYS! THANKS!

Bob K

New Sani-Bot

I love my new Sani-Bot cpap cleaner. Everything seems really clean. I didn’t want the smell of ozone and had doubts about the cleaning ability of the light. Sani-Bot is perfect for me.



Easy to use. Noticed a difference right away compared to handwashing the mask & tubing.

Sani Bot Customer

Great convenient cleaner

I really like the new version of this product. It is larger and feels like it’s higher quality. The drain is a big help and the instructions are a lot better written. My mask seems to come out pretty clean. Easy to separately fit my 6′ hose in it also, just make sure to get the water with cleaning agent inside the hose.


Do recommend this product

I liked the Sani Bot….but you really doo have to rinse your nose pillows or mask very, very thoroughly or you’ll have the residue from the cleansing tablet to contend with….other than that it really cleans well

Sani Bot Customer

This is a GREAT solution to cleaning my CPAP machine & other products

This is a GREAT solution to cleaning my CPAP machine & other products. It is a water based cleaner that uses sanitizing tablets to clean all parts of your CPAP machine. I have a ResMed Air Sense 10 machine that uses the Air Fit F20 medium full face mask and it cleans well. It also cleans the tubing, but is a little more difficult to keep in the machine due to the air bubbles. What I found to help keep the tubing down, is to pour the water through the tubing to get the air bubbles out. If it had a bigger water reservoir, it might fit a little better, but it still works. I use an emptied water gallon container, fill it with hot water and it fills it up with enough reserve water to rinse the machine after its done cleaning. As a coach, I also used it to sanitize my Fox 40 whistles and it cleaned them extremely well, so I would think it would work on other things that might need sanitizing, but would use common sense because the water is hot and the heater that keeps the water hot at the proper temperature to sanitize objects.

Downside: I didn’t receive an owners manual, so not sure what a couple of functions are and had to refer to the video on the website as to how to operate the machine. Once I watched it, it was pretty easy to figure out. Other downside, is that it lightly stains the cushion of the mask with the residue of the sanitizing tablets, but I just rinse the mask under running water to help reduce the amount left. I would rather deal with doing this than having to deal with the residue & smell of the ozone residue from the ozone machine I thought would be a good option.

After a few days of using this product, I definitely LOVE this product. It saves me from the ozone smell from another machine I had tried that was pretty strong and gave me daily headaches.I am much happier with a the Sani Bot cleaning system. It might be bit a bit pricier than cheaper ozone cleaning system, but this works much better and actually cleans the mask and tubing without any of the ozone smell. Those considering the So – Clean system, their activated oxygen system is a fancy way of saying ozone and costs over $300. The sani bot system is half the price and leaves your products much cleaner, safer & no after smell. That said, I am a huge fan of this product and if you try another system just remember…. #YouGetWhatPayFor If there are any issues, I will update.


Simple Usage and Quick Cleaning

I appreciate the simplicity and efficiency of Sani Bot. I spent many days keeping antibacterial wipes on hand but did not feel that I was fully cleaning my CPAP mask. Furthermore, it only takes a short amount of time to set up, for cleaning time and putting the Sani Bot away. I am completely satisfied with this purchase!

Andrea Chapman

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