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Changing the
Sleep Experience

Adventure Innovations LLC is the creator of Sani Bot, the most effective way to clean sleep equipment and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sani Bot is easy to use and requires no disassembly.

Sani Bot uses no harsh or harmful gases, does not void your CPAP warranty like other cleaners, and is the only cleaner that physically removes germs, debris, oil, and buildup.

Enjoy peace-of-mind knowing your equipment is truly clean.


Our Story

Sani Bot was invented in 2016 by Ryan and Carinne White, a husband and wife in search of a better solution for cleaning sleep equipment than ozone, which voids cpap warranties when used and can cause headaches and other health issues.

After researching, they found that the reason ozone cleaners void CPAP warranties is because the ozone is pushed through the CPAP machine itself, and not just the hose, mask, and reservoir.

Ozone or “activated oxygen” is a harsh gas and can corrode and damage the motor and other mechanical components of your CPAP.

Ryan and Carinne wondered…

If ozone does that kind of damage to a CPAP machine, what could it do to your throat, sinuses, and lungs?

They continued to research and found that many people suffer bad reactions to ozone including chemical headaches and chronic sinus problems.

They also found that UV and Ozone machines are also marketed as a full cleaning solution, yet they do not remove any debri.

And, after using one, quite a few customers were reporting in reviews that bacteria began to grow again after only a few hours.

UV and Ozone cleaners only sanitize the surface..

Leaving lots of germs and bacteria underneath to reek havoc on your CPAP gear and your body.

Ryan and Carinne knew that using a CPAP is such a smart idea and has so many health benefits.

But if the CPAP gear is not cleaned properly, it can become a catalyst for sickness.

CPAP machines, masks, and hoses are warm, humid environments, and a perfect place for bacteria and germs to multiply.

CPAP stands for “continuous positive airway pressure.” Airway pressure.

That means all that bacteria is being blown directly into your lungs, throat, and sinuses.

That is why Ryan and Carinne invented the Sani Bot. 

As they continued to research, they decided to take what they were learning, what customers really wanted, and create a brand new type of CPAP cleaner.

They determined what the BEST cpap gear cleaner would look like, and the Sani Bot was born.

The Sani Bot is different because it DEEP cleans your gear without harsh chemicals, leaving you feeling refreshed and healthy! 

It offers a powerful and proven CPAP cleaning process that will finally help you breathe cleaner and improve your health.

The Sani Bot uses exclusively engineered ultrasonic transducer technology with our advanced cleaning solution to deep clean your equipment.

Watch this video to see how it works!

Located in Salt Lake County, Utah, Sani Bot is 100% dedicated to our customers and making sure they have the best experience with our products and improving their health.

We are a thriving, forward thinking, solution oriented, fast growing company.

We hope you’ll join the Sani Bot movement and never settle for anything less than the best health possible for yourself and for your family.