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The Sani Bot uses exclusively engineered ultrasonic transducer technology with our advanced cleaning solution to deep clean your equipment.

The transducers generate ultrasonic waves that are transmitted through the water, penetrating through every solid layer of your equipment, and reaching the deep, inaccessible surfaces, every teeny, tiny crevice. At the same time, the waves also generate “cavitation” (millions of microscopic air bubbles). These bubbles collapse when they strike the surfaces of your gear, which agitate and scrub the surfaces and suck away even the smallest microscopic particles. The tiny bubbles also penetrate into small crevices and deep holes to clean your CPAP mask inside and out. For best results, use hot tap water and the included Sani Bot CPAP mask cleanser tablets. Watch this video to see how it works in action

The So Clean uses ozone (activated oxygen) to molecularly change the O2 but doesn’t actually remove any oils, germs, or buildup. In addition, many people are sensitive to ozone and have experienced reactions to it such as daily headaches. Also, using an Ozone cleaner usually voids your warranty from your CPAP manufacturer. More on that in the next question below this one.

Because ozone cleaners don’t remove any oil or buildup, we’ve had a lot of customers tell us that it only seems to kill the top layer of germs. Underneath bacteria can still survive and multiply. The germs that do get killed don’t get swept away, and people are left breathing in that debri. The Sani Bot removes ALL germs and debri for the cleanest air you’ve ever enjoyed. 🙂 Also, a lot of customers report chronic sinus infections and coughs going away after using the Sani Bot. Read the question above this one to learn more about how the Sani Bot cleans your gear!

No! 😊 The reason is because The Sani Bot does not use Ozone to clean. CPAP Machine manufacturers have stated that using an Ozone CPAP Cleaner will void your warranty. This is due to the fact that the ozone or “activated oxygen” air is pushed through the CPAP machine itself, and not just the hose and mask. These types of cleaners use harsh gases that can corrode and damage the motor and other mechanical components of your CPAP. The Sani Bot does not do this and will not void your warranty for this reason. 🙂

One Sani Bot machine can easily take care of multiple sets of CPAP gear daily or however often you wish to clean.

It depends on which model you buy. The model shown here has a 3 liter tank so will only fit one at a time but can definitely handle multiple cycles in a row. Cleaning cycles can be adjusted to any amount of time you’d like, most people choose 5-10 minutes depending on how often they clean their gear. The Sani Bot D6 has a 6 liter tank and may be able to fit multiple sets of gear in one cleaning cycle. Go here to see the different models: https://sanibot.wpengine.com/order/ Hope this helps! 🙂 How often should I clean my gear?

If it will fit in the tank, then you’re good to go! All mask types and brands are compatible as long as they can fit, fully submerged in the water.

These can be found here: https://sanibot.wpengine.com/order/

Yes, it does!

Yes. Just make sure the electrical elements are completely dry before using them again.

Yes! It does a fantastic job on nose pillows.

If it’s removable, yes! You just need to make sure to submerge it long enough in the Sani Bot tank so that it fills up completely with cleansing tablet solution water. The ultrasonic waves are powerful enough to penetrate through the walls of the reservoir and agitate the interior to remove germs and debris.

No, unless it is too large to fit in the tank in one piece. Depending on your situation, you may prefer to take it apart for a more thorough and deep clean. If you wash it frequently, then it may not be necessary to take apart.

It depends on how long you go between each cleaning. Usually a 5 minute cycle is enough if you clean daily or every other day. If you go longer then maybe a 10-15 minute cycle. You can adjust the time.

The Sani Bot is quiet when in use. For example, if you turn the tap water on, you won’t be able to hear the Sani Bot above the tap water noise.

When you purchase a Sani Bot machine, it will come with 60 tablets, and you can purchase more here: https://sanibot.wpengine.com/order/

Your package will come with 60 cleansing tablets.

60 tablets: $9.88
120 tablets: $18.74
360 tablets: $36.74

Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium peroxymonosulfate, Sodium percarbonate, Citric Acid, PEG-150, Sodium Laurylsulfate, Sodium Benzoate, TAED, Peppermint Oil, Indigo (CI73015)

It comes with a 1year warranty. You can register your warranty here https://sanibot.wpengine.com/warranty/ . If anything stops working we will replace any necessary part or replace the entire unit. Simply send us a message through Amazon and we will take care of it.

It does not circulate but uses transducers that generate ultrasound vibration that is transmitted through the water. This generates cavitation (millions of microscopic air bubbles) which collapse and suck away debris from your mask. The tiny bubbles also penetrate into small crevices and deep holes to clean your CPAP mask inside and out. For best results, use hot tap water and the included Sani Bot CPAP mask cleanser tablets.

If there is room for both, you can clean them together. If not, if you want to do a more thorough clean, we recommend changing the water out for each cleaning cycle. It really depends on how dirty your equipment is and how often you clean it.

Yes, the Sani Bot will clean the same, but it does not remove hard water buildup.

The Sani Bot only works if the item to be cleaned is fully submerged. The problem is CPAP masks and tubing are very lightweight and often float to the surface. So a metal submersion plate is included for the purpose of keeping the items submerged. For tubing, if you make sure it’s full of water instead of air, the ultrasonic waves can travel through the plastic and vibrate inside the tubing, using cleaning tablets in the water and agitation to clean.

The Sani Bot doesn’t clean the interior of CPAP machines since water would damage the internal components of the machine, but it does an AMAZING job with humidifier tanks, masks, straps, nose pillows,  and tubes.

It has a drying tray you can place the mask on to allow it to dry after washing. For fast drying, you can hook the tubing up with the mask and hook it to your cpap machine and blow it dry for 20 minutes or so.


Yes! Sani Bot is eligible to purchase with FSA or HAS cards / accounts.

Sani Bot is a USA company with product design in the USA and manufacturing in China.

The Sani Bot does not require adapters to clean your CPAP equipment. The Sani Bot has a tank that you fill with water and place your CPAP equipment inside to be cleaned and sanitized. If your humidity feature cannot get wet or cannot fit in the tank, you will need to clean it through other means. The Sani Bot’s Tank size is 9.6 x 5.9 x 3.0 inches.

The Sani Bot internal specs are set up to work with USA outlets at 110V-120V. If you want to use it with a 220-240V outlet, you will need a power transformer to change the outlet voltage from 220-240V to 110-120V.

If you send us a message and request the manual, we can send you a PDF copy.

It has a safety shut off of 140 degrees but it will likely never get that hot. The heater that is in the machine is mainly to keep the hot tap water you put in hot, but not get much hotter.


Here are the care instructions:
1. Don’t leave the tablet water in the tank more than 6 hours;
2. After emptying the tablet water, add tap water again and turn on the unit for 30-90 seconds. This will clean any residue on the surface of tank.
3. Empty the water and use a towel to dry the tank and surface of the unit.

Important: Do not put the whole machine under water.

As of now we are working on getting a payment plan solution ready. Please check back in a few weeks!

We know you’ll love the Sani Bot, and that’s why we are willing to risk giving you a 100 day money back guarantee. Try it for 100 days and if you don’t LOVE it simply return it for a full refund minus return shipping. We can’t resell the product after it’s been returned, so it’s a big risk to do this FOR FREE, but we truly believe in our products so it’s worth it to us to extend our confidence out to you as a 100 day Money Back Guarantee 🙂